Sean's Suprang Page

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: Insert maniacle laughter here: This is a

1965 A code coupe.

and this is a 1982 Toyota Supra.

Take both apart at

Put them together again at

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and also See the Suprang on a rotisserie!


Engine and transmission mock up!

Extended chassis and trunk

Hang the fenders and firewall sculpture

Transmission, engine, steering wheel mounts and the cowl.

Orange Suprang bondo fun

See the Suprang off of the rotisserie... and some assembly required.

"Hold my beer and watch this"

The Suprang runs and drives like a scalded cat; but let's look at hood pins, export braces and throttle linkage, eh?

See the Suprang at its first autocross!

Responsible Parties:
Sean Korb did some welding
John Dock Myrick put the Sup in Sup-rang
and Dave Williams turned a wrench or two... or three... or